I came across a snowball of a discussion, thanks to a Facebook Post, on he issue of teaching Jamaican Creole (patois) in schools. It made me think of writing about the article, then I realized that I already had in 2008. I therefore thought since my opinions hadn’t changed, I’d simply re-post the original. Language I think remains one of the critical issues we must grapple with as we re/consider we commemorate Jamaica50

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“In my view language was the most important vehicle through which that power fascinated and held the soul prisoner. The bullet was the means of the physical subjugation. Language was the means of spiritual subjugation” Ngugi wa Thiong’o

It is the eve of Independence … the 46th for this country, Jamaica – Land we should love and I cannot help but reflect on an article I read in the Jamaica Observer last week. It was, without a doubt the greatest piece of rubbish I had read in the newspapers in a long time – though in fairness to the writer (whose name I’m glad to have forgotten) I haven’t read the newspapers in a long time with the exception of getting my Calvin and Hobbes fix.

So, this gentleman, armed with a thick hide of ignorance proceeds to lambast all those who would propose to teach patois, or Jamaican…

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